Hallo peeps and welcome to Travelling in Heels

I am really exciting that I finally found the courage to create my own bog. I was thinking about a fashion blog for a long time now, but I was always to busy and not brave enough to do it.  So here I am- finally 🙂

I am Jasmin and like most girls, I love fashion. Fashion is a way to express yourself, show your creativity, express your emotion and grow up. I finlly found my style last year after moving to Australia. I love dresses, dresses dresses, make up, silver jewelry, sparkles and a bit of lace, but the most I, definitely love my shoes.

High Heels make me feel a lot more confident and every girl just looks so much better with those extra centimeters 🙂

Travelling in High Heels will show you MY way of fashion. Of course I love designers but as most of us, I am just a normal girl and when it comes to fashion the budget is often tight. I want to show you my way of style without spending thousands of dollars (which doesn’t mean that hopefully once in the future I can afford one of the amazing Louis Vuitton bags  🙂

I have a lot to tell you as the next months will be crazy and hectic as I will travel around the globe. I hope I can tell you a lot of interesting fashion and lifestyle stories from the Rainforest, Reef, Paris, Budapest and Dubai. Of course, my heels will always accompany me

Sit back and relax and please feel free to contact me. I am more than happy about every kind of feedback or question.

Let the journey begin 🙂


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  1. Lexie

    Very cute dress love love love

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