What to wear in Summer

So peeps, as most of you are freezing, it is summer in beautiful Australia. I love the weather down here, but sometimes the fashion issue can be a bit complicated. While I see all your summer fashion it is too cold in Australia for wearing them, and when it is finally hot here, it is winter in the rest of the world and all you see are pullovers and jackets.

So here is what I can currently find in Australian shops:

Flowers, flowers, flowers. I am in love with flower prints. I have some long and short dresses and even on a cloudy day I always get into the right spirit.

Animal prints, especially for going out. You just have to be careful with what you combine it, as you don’t want it to look too tacky. I wear it with a black belt and black heels, hair open and some silver jewelry.

Lace, it just looks sexy. On cooler days you can perfectly combine it with black tights.


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  1. i love floral dresses in summer….

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