American Music Awards-Tops and Flops

The American Music Award are one of the biggest event every year, so all eyes are on the red carpet. Who impressed, who failed and what are the trends? Let’s have a closer look

Thumbs up for Selena Gomez. The pretty actress/singer looks great in everything, but this dress was made for her amazing body. With the metallic color she is also up-to-date

Nice dress Taylor Swift. I love everything strapless and you cant do anything wrong with gold this season. The No-go is just the hairstyle. Looks like she just came out of bed

Katy Perry is just cute. Her style is different but still interesting. The Asian theme is pretty trendy at the moment and I lover her hair. But one size bigger would ave been better. I am bit scared that she will loose something?

I am always shocked again when I see Jennifer Hudson. I cant believe how much weight she lost. That body is a killer. The singer shows of another metallic dress, this time a shorter version

Boring Julie Bowen. Looks like the Modern Family actress just put on a long sweater

Ahm, I can see your underwear Heidi Klum. What is this dress? And what did you do with your hair???

Ouch, that hurts Christina Aguilera. I am not a size zero fan, but there are jut some dresses curvy ladies shouldn’t wear and this is one. Way to tight…


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