How to prepare for the tropics

Back from Noosa (rain, rain, rain) and now I am preparing for my flight tomorrow morning to tropical Cairns. 35 degrees and sunshine. There will be much to see as we get a car and explore the rain forest, the reef and drive on a 4 Wheel drive way to Cooktown.

So tonight I gave myself a quick beauty treatment, especially as I got burned today, even though there was no sun!

I started with a face mask as my face was a bit dry and needed a lot of moisturizer after the weekend on the island and Noosa

Body peelings always feel great especially after some days in the sun. I use one with a vanilla sense. It feels amazing and makes my skin more than smooth

My hair has been really strawy after all the sun and saltwater, so I chose a deep conditioner for my hair. I use one that I can just use after washing my hair and I dont have to wash it out afterwards. Really handy 🙂

Last but not least: my back and legs are completely burned. I always underestimate the Australian sun. I love this Aloe Vera gel. It is a miracle and helps immediately. Keep it in the fridge and it is even cooler and more helpful

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