What I take on a plane

So tomorrow is the big day, off we go 🙂

Whenever I board a plan for a long distance flight I take my special bag with me. Here is the content:

Earplugs and a good sleeping mask are my most important items. I need it completely dark when I sleep. The same with noise and as I have some problems with the pressure as we start and land earplugs are the perfect accessories.

Every girl needs some beauty stuff. My skin gets really dry when I am in the air for a longer period of time, so I love to refresh it with a cream that contains a lot of moisturizer. The same for my hands. Deodorant and lip balm help me to feel good and fresh when I arrive

 My nose and eyes get really dry in the air. A nose spray and eye drops just containing seawater and moisturizer help with this problem

Last but not least: Scopoderm. I always get sick in a plane. It is so annoying. I started using the Scopoderm patches two years ago and I have never had a problem since than. Just put hem behind your ear and relax. Even a day on a boat isn’t a problem anymore. My life saver 🙂

So next whenever I have Internet again. Enjoy your weekend dolls 🙂

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