Ugg Boots

There have been huge fights about Uggs between men and women since Ugg Boots appeared on the fashion scene for the first time: So Hot or Not?

Guys think they are unsexy and ugly and girls just love them. Well, since I have my own Uggs I am walking on clouds. They are by far the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn in my life, plus: I ALWAYS have cold feet, seriously. But not anymore. I wear mine  without socks as they are even softer than and my feet have never felt better. Because of the sheep wool your feet also dont sweet 🙂

I know they are not super hot, but: As we are wearing heels nearly all the time they are a nice little change. As we can also just wear them in winter anyway I think guys should be a bit more acceptabe with us getting a bit comfy over the day

It is not just me thinking like that, have a closer look in the slideshow. Also check out some special Uggs, stay strong girls 🙂

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