What I need and keep this season

So with the old year ending and the new one being just around the corner, Travelling in Heels thought it is time for my personal must haves this season. I hope you agree 🙂

1. Clutch

I just LOVE them-in all sizes and colours. I personally think that they make every outfit so much more fashionable. Get a big one with a strap for shopping and meeting up with friends and family and a smaller one for parties and especially black tie events. They always look elegant

2. Long necklaces

Especially in gold. I am totally into it, especially now as I am wearing a lot of boring pullovers in the german winter. I love them with a little watch at the end, but you guys have also seen my other ones 🙂

3. Nude heels

They are a total keeper from this year. Love how they fit to EVERY outfit and just make your leg look long

4.White blouse

I got inspired by Emily from ‘cupcakes and cashmere.’ Love how she wears this super basic pair of jeans with a basic white blouse and makes it look so classic. A white blouse is definitly on my to buy list


5. Strapless dresses

Still keep them in the wardrobe dolls. I just can#t get enough of them in summer. Strapless dresses are the ultimate sign of summer, as long as you buy them in the right size 😉

6. Coloured Jeans

I have seen them in a couple of shops in Australia, but you find them everywhere here.  I totally have to get one, just not sure about the colour yet?



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