Beautiful outfits for less money

So I blogged a lot about High Fashion the last couple of days. Beautiful pieces, no question, but most of us can’t afford them ( at least not at this point!).

I had a little look around and found some beautiful fashionable but cheap outfits:

H&M will be classy this season, bringing us the perfect look for the office

love the blouse for 9,95€. I already have one pair of their coloured jeans (19,95€), but I will probably get another pair. They are just beautiful

What a cute casual look. Shorts are just 9,95€ and the sailor shirt is up-to-date (14,95€)

My favourite from the collection with this adorable blazer for just 29,95€

Mango loves dresses with different prints, all sizes and sometimes crazy colours

Love Maxi dresses. They are still something special. Beautiful mix of the colours and the print (69,95 €)

Love the dots as they remind me of one of my favourite movies: Pretty woman. Colour and print make you lose 5 kilos as well 🙂 Dress for 29,95€

Beautiful colour and classy cut for 39,95€



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