Inspired by Mum

I love the classic style my mum uses for decorating our house. She has  a lot of old furiniture from my grand parents and mixes old with new. Also adore her love for silver pieces

Good job mum 🙂

Beautiful silver crystal goblet, silver box, guardian angel and over a 100-years old book

Love the beautiful lamp shade

 I can remeber my great grand mother having a nap on this couch every day

Little pictures of mum´s hometown Düsseldorf- adore the golden frames

Beautiful old silver box

There is nothing better than a fire place in winter. Dad just recently changed the backwall

This is typical european for me: Silver tray with little glasses and different bottles of alcohol

Love the pattern that the light creates



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One response to “Inspired by Mum

  1. Beni

    your mum got a nice home jasmin 😉

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