What I take home

I had a serious conversation with myself today after sorting out all the stuff I have bought so far.

I just receives a parcel from H&M and cant wait to wear all the stuff. Yesterday my mum and I went to our local beauty store. So here is what i bought 🙂

Lipsticks: I have used so much lip gloss last year and it was time for something new

Nailpolish: I think I bought too many, but I just couldn’t resist

Some colour for the eyes 🙂 I am deeply in love with this gel eyeliner. It is easy to apply and just looks great

Vanilla body cream, an amazing lemon body cream stick and face cream

This is just amazing: Hawaii body whipped cream. It seriously feels like whipped cream and smells amazing. It is a natural product from nice nature. Check them out. They have great products.

Some hair products. I just went to the hairdresser yesterday and got some more blondspray. The powder is a new product. You just put it on your head and get immediately bigger hair

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