What to see when in… Paris

Here are my favorite spots from our recent Paris trip. Forgive me for some very touristy tips 🙂

The Eiffel Tower

Yes, it is the most touristy spot in France, maybe even in Europe, but it is still a must see for everyone. If you cross the road and walk up a little hill you arrive at a great spot for pictures

The Champs Elysee

Well, is there anything better for a fashionista than this beautiful shopping street? Start your stroll at the Arc de Triomphe. I loved the Louis Vuitton flagship store, but there are also some ‘cheaper’ versions like H&M or Zara

Galery Lafayette

Beautiful building, amazing decoration and a lot of jewelery and make up. Try the macaroons

Sacre Couer

The most romantic spot in the city. If you have good weather you can take amazing pictures of the roofs of Paris

A Dinner Cruise on the Seine

I just love dinner cruises. You get good food and explore the city on a totally new ankle


Get your butt out of the city and take the bus to the Versailles castle. You get rewarded with  some of the most famous pieces of art


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