A Healthier You

well, the last couple of months haven’t been the healthiest food wise. After being away from home for such a long time I was just eating everything I don’t get in Australia. Plus my grandma and my dad did their best, to cook all my favourite dishes. I can tell you: they did a pretty good job. No better food than home πŸ™‚

I am surprised I didn’t gain more weight. Nevertheless, I try to eat a bit more healthier now. After just having soup for the last three days for lunch, I decided to go with a salad-salmon sandwich. Easy to prepare and so yummy πŸ™‚

All you need is some GOOD bread. I am not a big fan of white sandwich bread, but sometimes it seems to be impossible to find good bread here in Australia, even in the bakeries. I go with a soy bread now. Just get all your favourite veggies out of the fridge. I go with carrots, lettuce, cocktail tomatoes and cucumber and half a can of salmon, or tuna (whatever you prefer)

Just add it all on your bread, add pepper and salt


and voila…


Something good can be done so quickly πŸ™‚


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