Interview with Germany’s Next Topmodel Contestant Yasmin

So here it finally is. Topmodel Top 50 candidate Yasmin took some time to answer Travelling in Heels questions which makes it pretty much a world exclusive 🙂 Sadly she didn’t come under the Top25 but she has lots to tell. So read what our model to be (86-66-85, 179cm) has to tell:

Hello Yasmin and thank you for your time. Why did you apply for Germany’s next Topmodel?

I have watched every season so far and I have always been ardent about the shootings and the experience you can gain there. As many people have already told me I should apply, I thought why not! I was really interested to see how the castings worked and I didn’t really apply with the thought that I would make it to the next round.

How was the casting?

When I arrived in Stuttgart most girls were already gone. I didn’t have to wait and it was my turn immediately. I had to walk over a red carpet and while they filmed me. Afterwards, I met the model coach who selected the candidates for the next round. Afterwards they took pictures, measured me and I had to answer a questionnaire and do a video interview.

How did you find out that you are in the next round?

I got one of the famous „You are one of the top 50“ calls. It was all very spontaneous as we already started filming two weeks later. I had to decide that day if I want to be apart of it. Of course i did!

Did you ever think that you could be one of the Top 50?

definitely not. To participate against thousands of other girls seemed impossible. It was also November and the casting had been in summer, so I didn’t truly think that they would still call me. That was all a big surprise.

How was the casting in Munich?

I wouldn’t call it a casting as it was already the start of the show. The first day we had time to meet each other and we had the first shootings and started filming. On the third day we had to walk in front of the judges and a huge live audience. And then of course the decision.

What would you say was positive and negative?

positive of course the shootings and the experience I was able to collect in such a short time. Sadly, there were a couple of negative things as well. It is a reality show and there are other things more important than the modeling itself. Mostly, I just didn‘t agree with it and in the first two days I decided that I don’t want to go on and left the show voluntarily. The organisation of the show wasn‘t the best either as we had to wait for hours, often not knowing what was when going on.

Was there any bitching among the contestants or did you all get along quite well?

At the start we looked at each other very closely of course. I wouldn‘t call it bitching, but everyone started splitting into little groups very quickly. After the first day you could already see the change in people and people’s attitudes to each other started to get a little bit bitchy.

How was it to walk in front of the judges for the first time?

It was like a dream. I just couldn‘t realise that I am was apart of the show and they’re showing it on TV which is very surreal. I was really trying to take a lot of care to not fall over and didn’t even notice the music or the audience while I walked the catwalk. I didn’t meet the judges except for the walk itself and that all went very fast.

Were you sad that you didn’t get through to the next round?

Sad not really, as I was already considering that I didn’t want to be apart of the show. I felt relieved when it was finally over and all the pressure made me just cry. I didn‘t even know why. Now I see the whole event with mixed feelings. What you see on the TV is totally different to what is behind the cameras during the shooting. To see and be apart of what the girls are experiencing is pretty hard. But on the other site I know how this show can really boost your career.

What are your future plans?

At the moment I am just focusing on my university degree, but I am also looking for the right agency as I would love to continue my modelling.

What are your personal trends for the coming season?

Colour, colour, colour and mix it up, especially yellow.

Is there a fashion piece you have been dreaming of your whole life?

I LOVE shoes and just can’t have enough. It is my biggest dream to own a pair of Loubouttoins once. Hopefully from my first salary…


Who is your favourite designer and model?

I can’t talk about one as there are too many. I really like Karolina Kurkova as she is really natural and I like her personal style. I am also a big fan of Louis Vuitton, especially the handbags.

Who is your favourite girl to win Germany’s next Topmodel?

My room-mate Sarah Anessa. If someone deserves the title, then it is her. But I am sure that everyone who is still participating now deserves to win.

How was it to walk in front that crowd?

It was more horrible to walk in front of the judges. I couldn’t see the audience from the catwalk anyway and I just had to focus so much that I blocked it out.

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3 responses to “Interview with Germany’s Next Topmodel Contestant Yasmin

  1. Juergen Stern

    Hallo Jasmin,
    ganz tolles Interview. Gefällt uns außerordentlich gut. Schön aufgebaut und gut strukturiert und die tollen Bilder von unserer Yasmin. Wie war denn sonst die Resonanz – Klickraten oder Bewertungen? Ingrid hat mir eben von deinem neuen Job erzählt. Hört sich interessant und abenteuerlich an. Und ne Patenschaft kann man für so ein Kuscheltier auch noch übernehmen. Das interessiert uns. Wir schauen uns die Unterlagen, die du Ingrid geschickt hast noch einmal etwas genauer an. Hoffe Dir und Ryan geht es blendend in Australien. Vielleicht sieht man sich noch mal.

    Alles Gute und bleib gesund.
    Jürgen und Ingrid

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