Key pieces in your wardrobe

I thought it is time for a little DIY project. There have been so many great fashion news in the past I had to cover the last months, but I also want to bring in my own opinion on fashion of course. So here we go…

I guess most of us have wardrobes nearly exploding because of all the newest fashion trends, but nevertheless, there are some pieces everyone needs to look good. So here are my favourites:

Blue Jeans

I am not the biggest fans of Jeans as you know, but I still think every girl needs a pair of good fitting jeans that make our backside look fantastic

Coloured Jeans

I just love them. Get them in all different kind of colours and they will transform your outfit in a total eye-catcher

High waisted pants

Doesn’t matter if you have a long pair or shorts like this one. Be brave and try them our


In all different kind of material and colour. Nothing better in summer


I love skirts, but I don’t think they really suit my body shape. Still, you need a nice skirt, especially in black for evenings out or business

White Blouse

They can be quit boring right? Get something a bit crazy like this one. Looks different, but still classy and that is what we need in our working environment


Love them, especially in summer when it’s getting a bit chilly. Just classy


Cosy and comfy on a cooler night. In black suiting every casual outfit


A little black dress

Probably the most classy piece in every girl´s wardrobe


In every colour of course. Great for all different kind of combinations as they can look relax, business like, sexy. You just have to combine them the right way

One special dress

Whatever you like. Every girl needs one special dress for a big night out

Black pair of heels

They just suit every outfit

Overknee boots

I don’t like over knees with a big heel  as it can look cheap quit easily. Those are perfect as they just have a little heel and still look sexy


A normal pair of boots for winter of course


Oh I love them. Every colour and size please


One nice handbag that just suits every outfit, best in white or black


Especially in winter they make every outfit look so much more colourful. I love big ones for the plane or the movies as you can move them as a blanket 🙂


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