Avery Can- A little angel shows us how to live life

Today I want to share something really special with you.

I found this blog Avery Can yesterday. The five months old girl was born with a rare genetic disease called SMA. Doctors told her parents that she will die within the next 18 months. Her amazing parents decided not to give up on life, but do the most of it. They created a bucket list of everything they want their daughter to do and Avery has been able to achieved some of those aims: kissing a boy, staying up late with mummy and daddy, party like a rock star and much more always with the aim to educate people about SMA.

Sadly enough I had to discover that Avery died yesterday. I still encourage you to read her blog. Avery´s dad is writing in her name and it is the most beautiful and special thing I have ever read in my life. This little girl is smiling through her whole life.

Please take some time and read Avery´s story here  and spread the word. SMA didn’t take Avery´s smile away. RIP little angel

Find her blog here

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