Pimp up my room

When my boyfriend and I moved in our two bedroom apartment last year he was kind enough to pretty much leave on of the bedrooms to me. I used as an office as long as I was still studying. Now that my uni days are finally over I decided to change some things. My wardrobe was close to exploding with all my shoes and clothes.

So here are some of my changes which make the room look so much better 🙂

We have brown curtains in our apartments which are not the prettiest one in my mind. I used some of my scarfs and created  a big bow which makes them look great now

I got a shoe wreck for the shoes I wear the most at the moment. As it was a bit cold the last week I already got some of my winter shoes out. I put old magazines in my boots. Looks like they come right out of the shops

Not the perfect solution but it is a start: I got a clothing wrack from Ikea which carries all my dresses now. It also holds all my tops, T-shirts, Jeans and leggings

I keep the shoes I don’t wear much at the monument in old shoe boxes. I took some pictures and glued them in front of the box so that they are easier to find

I have heaps of postcards from all over the world. Since I am living in Australia my mum sends me a postcards from all her trips as well. Better than keeping them in a box; I used some blu- tack and positioned them around my door. Always nice to have a look at them


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