What’s in your bag?

My bag is my home. Everything I need is in there and I am pretty sure that every girl agree when I say we couldn’t survive without it. Mine is full with all those little everyday lifesavers and I am still thinking how guys can do it.

Here are my basic in each of my handbags I use over the day:

Bag (H&M),
A little box with snacks (often nuts for more energy)
My diary with two laced pens
Sunglasses (forever New)
Cute dotted tissues (from my mum)
Hairbands and pins for quickly changing my look
Airmail stickers if I quickly want to send a postcard home
My wallet (from a market in Singapore)
A little H&M bag with all my beauty essentials
Deodorant (vanilla)
Vanilla body spray (Forever New)
Shiny lip gloss (Natio) and lipstick (from Germany)
Powder (Germany)
Bandages (essential after wearing heels for the day)
Mascara (Natio)
Handcream (Clarins)
A little mirror
My keys
Earrings (Forever New)


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