Cleaning up the Make Up

I LOVE make up, well I guess that is just naturally for a girl 🙂 You would maybe think that I keep my make up all clean and tidy,well… I have to tell you that it is (or has been) the other way around.

I had my own little make up table back in Germany, but here in Australia my space is limited. No pretty table with a big mirror and lots of space, just a tiny little bathroom.

I have to confess that since I have moved to Australia all my make up has been “smashed” in one big pink bag. It took me ages to find the right lipstick or eyeliner, really annoying.



Well I finally found a solution. I went to Kmart the other day and picked up those little baskets. I divided my make up into four sections: Nailpolish, Make Up, everything for my eyes and lipstick/gloss.



Now it is all neat and tidy in my little boxes. I tell you: My mornings are a lot quicker now not searching for the right piece all the time 🙂


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