We love Great Ocean Road and Grampians

Back in real life dolls. I have spent an amazing weekend on the Great Ocean Road, a coast street around Melbourne.

World famous Bells Beach. Can you see the surfers?

I arrived late Friday night and got just a little glimpse of Melbourne, but i can tell you it looks great. Cant wait to come back next month.

One of many amazing beaches around the Great Ocean Road

My boyfriend and I got a car and left the city early saturday morning. I can tell you: it was freezing (four degrees!) but definitely worth it.

Spectacular views

We saw some amazing rocket formations, beautiful beaches and wild koalas.

How lucky to see so many wild koalas

It was raining every now and then, but still: The landscape was breathtaking.

Great Ocean Road as its best

We spend the night in a motel inlands and had a nice Aussie breakfast the next morning before e left for our next aim: The Grampians, a famous national park.

Having a good time

We took an amazing hike, had to walk trough water and over rocks and got rewarded with a spectacular view.


On the way out of the park we also saw heaps of kangaroos and emus.

The sky is the limit in Australia

If you ever come toOz, you have to drive the Great Ocean Road. A great weekend making it hard to come back to working life on Monday morning.


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Ice Cream Parlour- Forever New

Well, you guys know: I am addicted to Forever New. The new Ice Cream Parlour Collection is just adorable and one of the best they have produced over the last year.

Enjoy my favourite dresses and go shopping if you have a Forever New shop in your town 🙂

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A girls best friend in winter- leggings and tights

The same problem appears every year in the cooler season: what to do with all our gorgeous dresses and tops? If you are not the biggest fan of pants (like me) there is just one answer: Leggings and tights. Thank good we have millions of options nowadays to extend summer with these incredible items and more choices than just black and nude colour. The market grows with every year.

Here are my favourites:

Lace Tights

Great for dresses. I am in love with my lace tights in white and black. They just look gorgeous and pimp up every outfit. Best is the price as you can find them super cheap at H&M and all the other stores.

Coloured tights

I guess they are pretty self explaining 🙂 Get some colour in your life dolls.The time of nude colour is definitely over.


Anything better than leggings when it is getting cold? No way. I love my leggings for all my longer sleeves and dresses and you get them in crazy colours and shapes nowadays. The following pictures are from an Aussie label called Black Milk. Check out their website for more crazy ideas


Oh yes. There is nothing more comfortable out there. Jeggings look like jeans but feel like leggings. Minus point: If you gain weight you don’t realise it. They just grow with you 🙂


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Lookbook- Feeling french

As I told you all, I have a new job and I started work last week. I couldn’t be any happier, everyone is really nice and it is a great working atmosphere 🙂

The days in Australia are still beautiful, but the mornings are a bit cold, so it is finally time to get my coats out of the wardrobe. I bought this trench in Paris before Christmas  in a little boutique and I just adore it. Everyone should owe one as they are one of the most classy pieces you can own (in my opinion).

Trenchcoat: Paris, Sunglasses and Shoes: Forever New

I bought this dress a couple of weeks ago and just love the stars. The top is see through, so I combine it with a black top underneath.

Flower: H&M, Dress: Jay Jays, Belt: Tempt

My boyfriend got me this gorgeous bag to my birthday and it just suits everything. Have a great week xxx

Bag: Kate Hill, Ring and Bracelet: presents

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We are on Pinterest!

Travelling in Heels is taking the next step in the virtual world. We are on Pinterest wohoo

Come and join us  to extend the fun. And don’t forget our Facebook and Twitter account dolls


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Happy Makers

Here is my next round of my personal ‘happy makers’ of the week

A great birthday dinner with awesome people in an amazing mexican food

My new jewellery from my favourite shop Forever New and Diva

A piggy bank, just for shoes 🙂

Birthday cards from special people

Organising my kitchen and finally having all my spices and herbs in one place

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Lookbook: Get your tights out

The sun is still coming out and shows itself from its best side in beautiful Australia. Nevertheless, it is time to get your tights out to stay warm.

I had a couple of different inspirations when I choose this outfit.

Once: my style hero Audrey Hepburn. This pink dress just totally reminds me of her

Dress: H&M, Tights, Bag and Sunglasses: Forever New, Shoes: Vintage

Twice: Our all beloved Carrie Bradshaw. Do you remember the episode when Carrie starts working at Vogue? She finds a pair of Manolo Blahnik´s Mary Janes, an urban shoe myth. I bought these shoes shortly afterwards as they remind me of this episode.

Well, and last but not least: my new lace tights which, combined with the shoes and the dress reminds me a little bit of a school girl 🙂

Have a nice weekend all


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