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Cupcakes and Cashmere-The book

I am a big fan of Emily´s blog Cupcakes and Cashmere and it belongs to my daily reads. So of course, I was more than excited when she announced that she was writing her book and couldn’t wait for its publication. Thanks to my granny I even got that book way earlier than I expected 🙂

So enough talking. lets come to the serious question: Is it as good as her blog????

Emily divided her book in four sections: Spring, summer, fall and winter. Every chapter deals with seasonal style, beauty, at home and food and entertaining.

Sadly a lot of content is just from Emily´s blog and as a daily reader not really new to me. The pictures are definitely gorgeous, but I was hoping for some more original content.

Some of her articles are also a bit… lame for someone who is into this kind of stuff. The article about ‘blow drying your hair’ or ‘creating the perfect playlist’ seem to be more than obvious to me.

There definitely are some great tips: I am really bad with making curls, but with her tip it was quit easy and didn’t look like I ironed my hair and I can’t wait to bake her yummy looking berry cake.

So in the end: It is a great book for pictures, but I am not too sure if I would recommend buying it. The book is also quit small, so it also isn’t a pretty coffee table eye-catcher. Read the blog and you get the same. Nevertheless, I love Emily, but Lauren Conrad’s ‘Style’ was much more informative and I can’t wait for her next book ‘Beauty’ coming out soon.



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Happy Makers




This week is so special for me. My brother arrived from Germany and we will spend the next six weeks together. It is always great to see your family and I appreciate the time we spend together a lot more since I am living at the other side of the world.

His arrival also means that the next six months will be packed with trips. we will sound a weekend at the Sunshine Coast, meet my parents in Melbourne at the end of August and spend a weekend in a beautiful beach town called Byron Bay.

I will also travel to Sydney in October, my favourite place in Australia as I spend the best time of my life here and I will go on a big trip at the end of November. When I will return to Australia Christmas and New Years are not too far away. The time is flying 🙂

Of course my mum send me some amazing presents with my brother and I would love to share them with you guys

A cute little heart-shaped box with mascara, eye shadows and lip balm

A late birthday present from my brother. A gorgeous bag for my mobile




The Cupcake and Cashmere book. I love Emily´s blog and will let you know if I can say the same about her book

Nailpolish everywhere. The question is just: which one am I wearing first???

A beautiful new ring with a big brown stone. Mum just knows my taste




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What I need and keep this season

So with the old year ending and the new one being just around the corner, Travelling in Heels thought it is time for my personal must haves this season. I hope you agree 🙂

1. Clutch

I just LOVE them-in all sizes and colours. I personally think that they make every outfit so much more fashionable. Get a big one with a strap for shopping and meeting up with friends and family and a smaller one for parties and especially black tie events. They always look elegant

2. Long necklaces

Especially in gold. I am totally into it, especially now as I am wearing a lot of boring pullovers in the german winter. I love them with a little watch at the end, but you guys have also seen my other ones 🙂

3. Nude heels

They are a total keeper from this year. Love how they fit to EVERY outfit and just make your leg look long

4.White blouse

I got inspired by Emily from ‘cupcakes and cashmere.’ Love how she wears this super basic pair of jeans with a basic white blouse and makes it look so classic. A white blouse is definitly on my to buy list


5. Strapless dresses

Still keep them in the wardrobe dolls. I just can#t get enough of them in summer. Strapless dresses are the ultimate sign of summer, as long as you buy them in the right size 😉

6. Coloured Jeans

I have seen them in a couple of shops in Australia, but you find them everywhere here.  I totally have to get one, just not sure about the colour yet?



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