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Cupcakes and Cashmere-The book

I am a big fan of Emily┬┤s blog Cupcakes and Cashmere and it belongs to my daily reads. So of course, I was more than excited when she announced that she was writing her book and couldn’t wait for its publication. Thanks to my granny I even got that book way earlier than I expected ­čÖé

So enough talking. lets come to the serious question: Is it as good as her blog????

Emily divided her book in four sections: Spring, summer, fall and winter. Every chapter deals with seasonal style, beauty, at home and food and entertaining.

Sadly a lot of content is just from Emily┬┤s blog and as a daily reader not really new to me. The pictures are definitely gorgeous, but I was hoping for some more original content.

Some of her articles are also a bit… lame for someone who is into this kind of stuff. The article about ‘blow drying your hair’ or ‘creating the perfect playlist’ seem to be more than obvious to me.

There definitely are some great tips: I am really bad with making curls, but with her tip it was quit easy and didn’t look like I ironed my hair and I can’t wait to bake her yummy looking berry cake.

So in the end: It is a great book for pictures, but I am not too sure if I would recommend buying it. The book is also quit small, so it also isn’t a pretty coffee table eye-catcher. Read the blog and you get the same. Nevertheless, I love Emily, but Lauren Conrad’s ‘Style’ was much more informative and I can’t wait for her next book ‘Beauty’ coming out soon.



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