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Happy Makers




This week is so special for me. My brother arrived from Germany and we will spend the next six weeks together. It is always great to see your family and I appreciate the time we spend together a lot more since I am living at the other side of the world.

His arrival also means that the next six months will be packed with trips. we will sound a weekend at the Sunshine Coast, meet my parents in Melbourne at the end of August and spend a weekend in a beautiful beach town called Byron Bay.

I will also travel to Sydney in October, my favourite place in Australia as I spend the best time of my life here and I will go on a big trip at the end of November. When I will return to Australia Christmas and New Years are not too far away. The time is flying 🙂

Of course my mum send me some amazing presents with my brother and I would love to share them with you guys

A cute little heart-shaped box with mascara, eye shadows and lip balm

A late birthday present from my brother. A gorgeous bag for my mobile




The Cupcake and Cashmere book. I love Emily´s blog and will let you know if I can say the same about her book

Nailpolish everywhere. The question is just: which one am I wearing first???

A beautiful new ring with a big brown stone. Mum just knows my taste





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What to see when in… Sydney

So, I thought it is time to share some of my favourite spots in the best city in the world with you guys: Sydney!!!! For me the city that combines it all: Amazing beaches, a gorgeous city, great shopping locations, the best nightlife and just the smell of freedom. Aah, I just want to go back when I start talking about it.

I spend my first four months in Australia here as I was working as a nanny in the suburb of Frenchs Forest. I can tell you: I had the time of my life. So here they are: My favourite spots…

My favourite beach: Manly

Take the ferry at Circular Quay and you arrive at beautiful Manly. It is a cute little Surfers suburb with a great atmosphere and nice little restaurants at the beach. On top of the mountain you can find a castle. Nicole Kidman got married here

When you go on top of that mountain you have the most amazing view over the city and the best: This spot is not full of tourists yet. Another trip: Do the Manly beach walk, but take some water with you

Lets go into the city now. take the ferry and you have a stunning view over the harbour, the opera house and the harbour bridge

Get the bus to the Gap and follow the tracks. You will se great cliffs and have a great view over the ocean. Freedom calling

Don´t forget Bondi Beach. Not the best beach as it is super overcrowded, but it belongs to a visit to Sydney. Go on the beachwalk

So let´s go shopping. You find all the big brands in Sydney of course, but one of my favourites is Paddy´s Market in China Town. You find hundreds of stalls with stuff you may or may not need: Bags, T shirts, souvenirs, electronics,…

And now…party. I had my best nights in this city. The Ivy is very posh and has a great VIP area with a pool. The dance floor is open so that you can dance under the stars. I had the pleasure once and it is so much funny. If you arrive on a friday before ten o´clock the entry is free.

The Argyl. I don’t really like the music and the dance floor is tiny, but it is worth a visit as they have the best toilets ever. Space eggs…

And last but not least: The Lowenbrau. If you want a fun night out with a good crowd, great music and awesome german shots com here. An there are not even that many Germans here 🙂

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