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Cupcakes and Cashmere-The book

I am a big fan of Emily´s blog Cupcakes and Cashmere and it belongs to my daily reads. So of course, I was more than excited when she announced that she was writing her book and couldn’t wait for its publication. Thanks to my granny I even got that book way earlier than I expected 🙂

So enough talking. lets come to the serious question: Is it as good as her blog????

Emily divided her book in four sections: Spring, summer, fall and winter. Every chapter deals with seasonal style, beauty, at home and food and entertaining.

Sadly a lot of content is just from Emily´s blog and as a daily reader not really new to me. The pictures are definitely gorgeous, but I was hoping for some more original content.

Some of her articles are also a bit… lame for someone who is into this kind of stuff. The article about ‘blow drying your hair’ or ‘creating the perfect playlist’ seem to be more than obvious to me.

There definitely are some great tips: I am really bad with making curls, but with her tip it was quit easy and didn’t look like I ironed my hair and I can’t wait to bake her yummy looking berry cake.

So in the end: It is a great book for pictures, but I am not too sure if I would recommend buying it. The book is also quit small, so it also isn’t a pretty coffee table eye-catcher. Read the blog and you get the same. Nevertheless, I love Emily, but Lauren Conrad’s ‘Style’ was much more informative and I can’t wait for her next book ‘Beauty’ coming out soon.



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Black and White

As I told you earlier my brother is around, so this weekend was all about sightseeing and shopping 🙂

I bought this long white blouse earlier this year, but it has been too cold for wearing it so far. This outfit is a little bit out of my comfort one as I prepare colours and dresses, but it worked surprisingly well in my eyes.

Blouse, Sunglasses and Bag: Forever New, leather Leggings: Notting Hill Flea markets, Necklace: Colette, Shoes: Cotton On

I combined it with some leather leggings I bought in Notting Hill years ago and some comfy roman sandals as we were walking a lot.

I also got a new summer hat this weekend-cant wait for using it soon

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Happy Makers




This week is so special for me. My brother arrived from Germany and we will spend the next six weeks together. It is always great to see your family and I appreciate the time we spend together a lot more since I am living at the other side of the world.

His arrival also means that the next six months will be packed with trips. we will sound a weekend at the Sunshine Coast, meet my parents in Melbourne at the end of August and spend a weekend in a beautiful beach town called Byron Bay.

I will also travel to Sydney in October, my favourite place in Australia as I spend the best time of my life here and I will go on a big trip at the end of November. When I will return to Australia Christmas and New Years are not too far away. The time is flying 🙂

Of course my mum send me some amazing presents with my brother and I would love to share them with you guys

A cute little heart-shaped box with mascara, eye shadows and lip balm

A late birthday present from my brother. A gorgeous bag for my mobile




The Cupcake and Cashmere book. I love Emily´s blog and will let you know if I can say the same about her book

Nailpolish everywhere. The question is just: which one am I wearing first???

A beautiful new ring with a big brown stone. Mum just knows my taste




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Spring on my nails

I got seven new beautiful nailpolishes from my mum this week.they are all so special and i just couldn’t narrow them down to my favourite colour.


But why just choose one when you can wear two? I chose this beautiful berry and pistachio green. Both colours remind me of spring and working is much more fun looking at my spring coloured nails with a big flower on top 🙂

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Happy Independence Day to all my American readers…

…and of course everyone else 🙂

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We love Great Ocean Road and Grampians

Back in real life dolls. I have spent an amazing weekend on the Great Ocean Road, a coast street around Melbourne.

World famous Bells Beach. Can you see the surfers?

I arrived late Friday night and got just a little glimpse of Melbourne, but i can tell you it looks great. Cant wait to come back next month.

One of many amazing beaches around the Great Ocean Road

My boyfriend and I got a car and left the city early saturday morning. I can tell you: it was freezing (four degrees!) but definitely worth it.

Spectacular views

We saw some amazing rocket formations, beautiful beaches and wild koalas.

How lucky to see so many wild koalas

It was raining every now and then, but still: The landscape was breathtaking.

Great Ocean Road as its best

We spend the night in a motel inlands and had a nice Aussie breakfast the next morning before e left for our next aim: The Grampians, a famous national park.

Having a good time

We took an amazing hike, had to walk trough water and over rocks and got rewarded with a spectacular view.


On the way out of the park we also saw heaps of kangaroos and emus.

The sky is the limit in Australia

If you ever come toOz, you have to drive the Great Ocean Road. A great weekend making it hard to come back to working life on Monday morning.

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Ice Cream Parlour- Forever New

Well, you guys know: I am addicted to Forever New. The new Ice Cream Parlour Collection is just adorable and one of the best they have produced over the last year.

Enjoy my favourite dresses and go shopping if you have a Forever New shop in your town 🙂

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